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Chairmans blog [ Show blog ]
01 Oct : 15:40
Had a bad Saturday, set off for Dorking to do the South East black belt training and whilst on the M40 heard on the radio travel news that they had closed all 3 lanes on the M25 due to a smash up and diesel spillage, so had to turn around and head back home.
Master Atkins is going to be very busy thi...

Chairmans blog [ Show blog ]
24 Sep : 15:46
Master Peros has now opened his new academy in the centre of Cardiff, it looks terrific from the photo's I have seen and looks perfect for holding TAGB courses and seminars.
I spent last week-end working. On Saturday it was black belt training session in Dorking for the South East Area. The first one...

September [ Show blog ]
19 Sep : 08:16
It's that time of the year again when the black belt grading comes around. I start the sessions for the South East this coming Saturday at Dorking Leisure Centre. Red belts 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. and black belts 2.30 to 3.30 p.m. I look forward to the training and seeing what the standard of the stu...

South Midlands Black belt patterns course [ Show blog ]
17 Sep : 15:00
Had a good training session with Master Oliver this morning and look forward to seeing you at the South Midlands Black belt patterns course this Sunday the 23rd of September.
For those of you who are not in the South Midlands area and would like to come along but do not have details you can go to ...

Chairmans blog [ Show blog ]
11 Sep : 09:12
Had a good week-end at the Scottish championships with other committee members who travelled up to show their support, Master Dew, Master Walton, Master Sergiew, Master Donnelly & Master Atkins. We were very impressed with the venue and we are looking at the possibility of holding a future large...

Chairmans blog September 2012 [ Show blog ]
03 Sep : 08:11
I am doing my blog early this week as I have an extremely busy week, we had a good break last week in Portugal just lying in the sun just reading and relaxing, but got back to be faced with 300 emails which brings you back down to earth with a bump. The TAGB have 2 more promotions going forward with...

August 2012 [ Show blog ]
22 Aug : 14:23
Next week my club is closed for the bank holiday so I will take a break and head off to Portugal for the week, whilst all the kids look after my dogs, so there will be no blogg next week.
The TAGB have been asked if we would put our team up against a combined services tkd team to raise money for the ...

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