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Chairmans blog
Written on 01 Oct : 15:40
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Had a bad Saturday, set off for Dorking to do the South East black belt training and whilst on the M40 heard on the radio travel news that they had closed all 3 lanes on the M25 due to a smash up and diesel spillage, so had to turn around and head back home.
Master Atkins is going to be very busy this week as all the forms are coming in for the black belt grading taking place at the end of the month, so he will be sorting them into their various groups and areas, timing them out so we know how long it will take each group to grade and what days they will have to attend. I look forward to the black belt gradings as I get to meet lots of instructors from around the country who I don't see that often, so its nice to have a catch up and its good to spend a few days with all the other Masters of the Committee.