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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 18 Apr : 08:42
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I hope everyone had a very happy Easter, at least it stayed dry even if it was not warm!
I had a nice weeks break last week in Gran Canaria only spoilt a little bit by some low life's breaking into TKDP warehouse and stealing the computer, but the good news is we have the them very clearly on CCTV footage.
This week of course brings about the serious business of the black belt grading on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Bristol Academy. I should not have to go over the things for you to make sure of: Make sure you eat and drink plenty prior to the test, leave plenty of time for your journey and parking, check that your sparring equipment is not ripped or taped together, your dobok clean and ironed and for black belts no old style uniforms. Finally good luck to all those grading, although you should not need it if you have prepared properly.