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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 06 Jun : 09:17
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We have got the Scottish championships information out nice and early so we can get plenty of support up there this year from the rest of the TAGB, try and make a week-end of it, Glasgow and Edinburgh are great cities to visit if you have never done so.
I went to the Republic of Ireland last week-end to conduct their black belt grading and Mr. Tom Thornton is making good progress over there heading TKDI.
If anyone out there is fluent in French or Italian please get in contact with me, I want to get the world championships advert translated into those 2 languages. Its already been done in Spanish thanks.
Its the TAGB instructors course this week-end at Bristol academy, which is being run and organised by Master Dew and Master Walton and also this week-end at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester airport 2 of our senior lady instructors Miss Fiona Brown and Ms Jill Pearce will be running a time to listen course for safe guarding in conjunction with the British Tae Kwon Do Council.