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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 04 Jul : 14:33
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A big congratulations to Amy Truesdale who won a gold medal at the WTF Asian championships in Korea even though they don't call themselves that anymore due to what it means on social media, but they will always be the WTF to me!
and speaking of social media some people seem to think that I was liking what a Mr. Matt Fiddes posted on Facebook, I can assure you I have never liked anything that guy has posted, it must have been one of my grand-daughters messing with my phone, he is certainly not in my friends list!
Martial Arts illustrated have asked us to compete in their black belt championships in September which is for prize money and will have live screening, but we need to have a discussion about having some of our officials working at the event, but I will keep you posted on the committee's decision as to whether we put our fighters in or not.
Croatia have asked if they can host the TI European championships in 2019, but we have to check out their facilities before we can give them the go ahead.