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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 04 Oct : 09:26
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Congratulations to Hazel Bracken who won a gold medal at one of the versions of the ITF world championships in Holland last weekend. I say one of the versions because there are now 6 groups around who all claim to be the real original authentic ITF and there have been 3 world championships held in different countries in the last couple of months. As far as I am concerned there is NO real ITF anymore, I said that once General Choi died ITF would fall apart and it has, its just splintered and splintered. When the senior grades of the TAGB were in it there was just one ITF.
You might have seen the new poster for next years world championships, we are going to change the poster every couple of months and with that in mind, we are going to run a competition: We want yu to send a good quality photograph of yourself kicking on your own or with a partner, you must be wearing a white TAGB dobok. We will pick out the best 5 and then people can vote for the best one and we will turn it into a poster for the World championships. This is open to men, women, juniors, black or colored belts. You have to post it on the TAGB Facebook page and it must be good quality. No entries from the media team please. Please submit your entries by the end of October 2017. Good luck.