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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 10 Oct : 09:06
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This coming week-end we have the TAGB black belt grading at Bristol Academy starting on Friday with all the dan grades and then on Saturday and Sunday the 1st kups grading for 1st dan. Each group will have a photograph taken with the examiners prior to their grading and given a group number, if you wish to purchase a copy as a memento of your day, you can do so after the grading by paying cash to order.
I will give my usual advice:
MAKE SURE: your dobok is clean and pressed.
MAKE SURE: your safety equipment is in good condition with no rips or tares and no tapes!.
MAKE SURE: you eat and drink prior to your grading
MAKE SURE: you allow enough time to get to the venue and find a parking space (aim to be there 1 hour prior to the time you have been given by your instructor or area representative)
Good luck to everyone testing and remember the old proverb, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.