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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 24 Oct : 08:14
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Firstly congratulations to Amy Truesdale who won the para world championships in London last week and as a result will go to the Olympics in Tokyo to represent Great Britain, she is a credit to the TAGB.
With the British championships looming large, remember security will be tight at the venue due to the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, so please help yourself by not taking anything into the venue that is not necessary, make sure that you are wearing your wrist bands and if you are with juniors make sure they have their wrist band on. Don't get to the entrance and then have to find your wristband out of your pocket or bag.
Officials: you must have a wristband to gain entry don't come to the door and say my instructor said he has sent it in or try showing your umpires shire!! you have been warned!
At the moment Master Sergiew, Peros & Farnham are assisting Grand Master C.K. Choi conduct seminars in Poland and Norway, so its good to know that GM Choi is in good health and still going strong, we all wish him well from the TAGB