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Written on 31 Oct : 13:51
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I have now returned from the Tae Kwon Do International European championships in Kracow, Poland. It was a great event with twenty countries represented with an unbelievalbe 200 Russian competitors. It was very well organised by the Polish Federation but it went on too long on the second day - we never finished till midnight, but it makes you appreciate how professional our championships are run. We won lots of gold, silver and bronze medals in the individuals and TAGB Scotland men's team won the team event with a great performance and it once again goes to show the strength of the TAGB. We will put all the results on the website when we receive them and some photo's too. Special thanks to officials: Mr. Tom Coleman and Mr. Bill Lines who worked tirelessly all week-end. Grand master Choi said it was the best championships he had attended since our last world championships. Tae kwon do International seems to be going onwards and upwards.