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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 24 Jul : 15:59
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Wow! what a fantastic week-end we all had at the World championships in Birmingham. I think only the TAGB could have put on a tournament of this magnitude. I want to thank everyone who was there in whatever capacity: official, welfare officer, media team, medics, physio, competitor, spectator, you were all magnificent. I have only had good feed back from the overseas competitions except one high grade master who did not read the rules and even ignore the personal email I sent him listing the patterns that were allowed in each black belt divisions were allowed in each black belt division. I think its sad when you want your son to win that badly that you are prepared to cheat and to pay no attention to the rest of your team members or their needs.
I thought the trophies from Garry Couldstock were brilliant and I want to thank Katie Billingham on doing a fantastic job with media coverage.
I am going on holiday for a couple of weeks now and will restart my blogg after that.
thanks everyone