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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 19 Nov : 07:59
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This Sunday will see us host the British championships at the Skydome Arena, Coventry. 9 a.m. start. Any officials who can get there early to set up the arena, this would be much appreciated. Some of the committee members will be there from 7.30 a.m. Although the skydome has its own car park at the rear of the building and there is also an NCP car park next to it, one of the better places to park is directly opposite the front of the Ikea superstore, which is next to the skydome. Its also an ncp multi storey car park and a flat roof car park above Coventry Market and from it you can walk across to the skydome in about 2 minutes. This championships will finish later than the ones held at Telford due to their being less competion areas, but we still hope to finish at a reasonable time. Hope to see you all there on Sunday.