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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Chairmans report
Written on 17 Jan : 14:21
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It looks like we are going to be hit with some bad weather conditions over the next week, I hope it doesn't disrupt everyones classes too much as we have only just started back. Myself, Master Sergiew & Master Walton spent a whole day on Monday successfully negotiating with the Skydome Arena for the removal of the ice for the world championships in July.
For me it was great news to receive last week that the British tae kwon do council, the governing body for tae kwon do in the UK, received recognitiion for high standards in child protection and safe guardingfrom the NSPCC's child protection in sport unit (CPSU) so its all good news for TAGB instructors as well.
I am very busy at the moment answering lots of questions from overseas competitors and organisations regarding the world championships and it seems like they are all really looking forward to the 3 day event. Remember for information on how you can enter go to the website: