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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Chairmans report
Written on 06 Feb : 09:42
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The next issue of martial arts illustrated magazine will carry a nice article on the last British championships plus an article on the British Tae Kwon Do Council and its aims and achievements for the future. This week I have been busy going through some of my old photographs to be used in my book 'kicking up a storm' when I eventually get it onto the printing press. So I have taken the time to place some of these on my facebook and the TAGB facebook page and I have had a lot of response from people all over the world, some who are in the photo's and now live abroad, with really nice comments, it just goes to show how big and far the TAGB has reached into peoples lives. We have now choosen the winners of the dobok design competition and these will be revealed in an upcoming newsletter and on the TAGB facebook page.