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Written on 19 Feb : 14:34
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Master Sergiew has just returned from Russia where he ran a very successful officials course in Moscow for the Russian federation who will be attending our world championships in July.
I received the Australia squad's registration this week, they will be bringing a team of 20 from good old Oz to compete in the worlds.
Tickets went on sale this week, we have reduced the prices from the last world championships for the July event, they are £20 per day for adults, £12 per day for juniors, upto and including 12 years of age. What a bargain!! where else could you get 8 hours of entertainment for that price, you can buy tickets now from TKD Promotions by ringing: 01926 810333, as 500 seats will be set aside for competitors each day this will reduce the spectator seating in the arena, so to avoid disappointment buy your tickets early. Also remember to check the designated website which is: to check which day your events are on.
At the English championships next month, the start time will be staggered just for this one event, all juniors and ladies 9.30 start, everyone else 11 a.m. start.