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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Chairmans report
Written on 26 Mar : 08:43
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Last Sunday's English championships were a great success despite the terrible weather conditions. Special congratulations to all the instructors and students who came all the way down from Scotland to brave the weather and be first at the venue to lay the carpets. Well Done!
The TAGB committee also want to thank the new manager of the Skydome, Chris Carpenter, who got everything spot on for the championships, the arena was dry, warm and fully functional and it will be even better for the world championships with the ice removed and 16 jigsaw matted area's laid down and all the flags of the countries on display. We had some competitors from the armed forces taking part and they attend all the different ITF organisation championships around the country and they sent me an email thanking the TAGB for letting them enter and they said it was the best run championships that they had ever attended and the best standard of tae kwon do competitors they had ever seen.So well done everybody.
And don't forget tickets for the world championships are now on sale and also get your entries in. The international doboks should be on display on the website this week, so take a look