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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 24 Apr : 14:30
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Last week-end was the black belt grading and as usual it went very smoothly and was run very professionally by all those taking part, with a good pass rate. Congratulations to Ruth Chare who was awarded her 6th Dan and congratulations to the following students who were awarded 'Best in Grading'
Adam Spruce. Best Male black belt
Cassandra Oury. Best Female black belt.
Brendan Tasker. Best junior black belt.
Shawna Ball. Best Red belt.
They all impressed me, but I must say for her age Shawna was outstanding and a credit to her instructor Mr. Peter O'Neill.
The NSPCC child protection unit in sport have launched their new website, which you can view at: The new site has a number of new features and new resources which include the revised 'safe sports events guidance resource'
The new site is easier to navigate.