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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 09 Jul : 07:43
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Well its here at last and last week and this week have been manic! the phone has not stopped ringing with people trying to order spectator tickets, everyone seems to leave it to the last minute.
On Wednesday morning I am collected Grandmaster Choi from Heathrow and taking him up to the Britannia Hotel in Coventry. He is looking forward to the championships immensley.
If any instructors or students are available on Thursday afternoon to help set up the arena, we would appreciate your help. The committee will be there from 2 p.m.
Good luck to everyone from the TAGB who is competing over the week-end and to our officials especially, please make sure you are unbiased when you are making your decisions, as some of these competitors will have travelled half way around the world to compete.
And finally, don't panic if you have not received your ID or wristbands, we will sort it out at registration.