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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 25 Feb : 08:25
[ Dave Oliver Blogs ]
March is going to be a busy month for the TAGB. The touchgloves strategy will present its first road show at Cabots Circus shopping centre, Bristol on 8th March. This is the iniative by Sport England the British tae kwon do council to get more people involved in tae kwon do. Master Walton will be the organiser for the BTC on the day.
We have the English championships at our new venue in Worcester. Its the first time they have hosted a tae kwon do championships and the first time we have used the venue, so there is bound to be a few teething problems. So please bear with us, we are getting alot of people from other organisations in the BTC wanting to take part in our championships as they say they are the best organised events that they have ever attended.
Then its the European championships in Davos, Switzerland which I am being told by the organisers that its going to be Big!
The Clash of the Titans tickets are selling fast with whats being labelled the best against the rest!