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Busy Start to the Year
Written on 28 Feb : 22:11
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It's been a while since my last blog. My schools constantly keep me busy, then training and of course family life. I don't know how I manage to balance it all.

Firstly I wanted to mention my team mate and friend Warren Vice who won the prestigeous TAGB international fighter award at last years British Champs. 4 World Championship golds in one competition is pretty awesome!

Since January the England Team have been meeting at our usual place at Loughborough and as always Master Walton has been pushing us through the pain barrier. The team are looking good and strong as always.

The 1st run out is the English Champs then off to Davos for the Europeans. Davos is a great place and I recommend a visit.

After this we have the Clash of the Titans in May. Where TAGB England, Scotland and Wales will join forces to make a super team.

Recently we celebrated Master Oliver's 60th over in Napton near Warwick, it was a great night with many friends and legends from the past were in attendance.

Last Weekend I did 2 seminars....1 in Leicester for Master James Freer and what a great class it was. Then I went to Cardiff to do another seminar for Master Peros with my Friend and World Champion Joseph Schembri.