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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 12 Mar : 14:30
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On Tuesday I travelled to Belfast,Northern Ireland to conduct the black belt grading for that area with Master Dew, Master Walton, Master Sergiew and Master Donnelly. We went in and out the same day.
We are still selling lots of Clash of the Titans tickets and they will be on sale from the stall at the English championships on Sunday, and there will also be some special 'Clash of the Titans' supporters t-shirts! I will spend all day tomorrow checking that the tournament kit is all in order for Sunday, it should be a good day and it looks like the weather will be kind to us this year, as last year it snowed heavily on the day of the English!
Master Walton tells me that his 'touch gloves' event went off well in Bristol last weekend and they signed up quite a few people