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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Written on 02 Apr : 08:48
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I have just returned from the Tae Kwon Do International championships in Davos Platz, Switzerland, which were a tremendous success with 800 competitors taking part. The TAGB played a massive part in making the championships work, lots of our competitors worked tiressly as officials and then went on to compete with great success. The TAGB won the mens and womens team event and we won loads of individual medals, our officials who went across were as usual amazing and for me were the reason the event went off so well.
To the parents who went over to support their children, thank you for your committment and I know that the juniors had a great time, especially at the after tournament party.
I would also like to thank everyone who has sent me text messages and facebook messages of congratulations on my promotion to 9th Dan, without all of you and your hard work it would not have been possible to achieve, and thank you to Grandmaster C.K. Choi and the other tae kwon do pioneers who thought I was worthy, one of my favourite proverbs is: Courage is not the abscence of fear but the ability to continue in spite of fear.