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  • The Umpires and Referees are now both on the 25/02/2017.

BTC /TAGB First Aid Courses


Please be aware, that BTC / TAGB First Aid course are shortly to be organised in Scotland, Cardiff, The Wirral, and the Midlands.

Once confirmed, the dates will appear on the Calender on the home page of

rescheduled officials courses


The referee courses part 1 and 2 that was postponed on 28th June is now rescheduled for Sunday 14th September at Willenhall.

The Umpires courses part 1 and 2 is now on Saturday 20th September at Cardiff.

See The calendar for further details.

PLEASE NOTE that closing dates for a place on all TAGB officials courses are 1 month before the course date.

PLEASE get applications in ASAP as these are the last courses before the Black Belt Gradings.

Paul Donnelly

2014 Instructors part 2 Course


The Dates for the 2014 Instructors part 2 course are now confirmed as:

Sat 22nd and Sunday 23rd November 2014 

April 2014 Black Belt grading photographs


The last date for ordering photographs from the April 2014 Black Belt grading is FRIDAY 11th JULY 2014
Any orders received after this date will be returned.

2014 Instructors Course


Last weekend saw over a 100 TAGB black belts travel to Bristol Academy for this years assistant instructor course.
Anyone wanting a full size copy of the picture, should visit the gallery page where you can download a full size copy.
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