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  • Get TaeKwon Do back on the GCSE / A Level activity list

  • Change to Squad training

  • British Closing Date Exteneded

  • Date Change for REFEREES 1 & 2.

  • BTC Instructor day

  • Thank You

  • Appeal for Worlds Officials

  • Road Works Near TAGB English Championships

Change of Venue


The venue for Central England South pre blacks 3rd session and star grades has had to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The new address is below, every thing else remains the same.
that is :- Saturday 30th March 10.00-11.15 First kups/11.15-13.00 All Black belts and Star Grades

Kingsbury Community and youth centre,
Pear Tree Avenue,
B78 2LN
Mr.Paul Donnelly Tel; 07836 619233

NEW International Doboks NOW AVAILABLE


The new TAGB International Doboks for the TI Wortld Championships 2013 (Coventry) are now available.
Order through your TAGB Instructor TODAY


South Midlands Area Training CANCELLED


Any students who may be attending the South Midlands area training in Stratford today could you please be aware that it is cancelled as the school is closed due to the adverse weather conditions. 

Any forms that are due to be handed in by instructors should now be posted to:

6 Avon Road 
Leamington Spa 
CV31 2NJ. 
Thank you for your attention 
Don Atkins

2013 English Champs Officials


Click here for the list

The people on this list are required to officiate at the English Championships 2013.

If you are not on the list you and applied, you have been recorded as applied and your area co-ordinator will be informed.

If you are not on the list you are still welcome to attend as a spectator and will have to pay an entrance fee or purchase a ticket in advance.Thank you so much for your co-operation in the build up to the World Championships.

TAGB Council 

Click here for the list 

TAGB English Championships


You are invited to attend the TAGB 2013 English Championships.

ALL Competitors to arrive by: 

Juniors & Ladies Divisions 9.00 A.M.
Cadets, Mens & Executive Divisions 11.00 AM

There are now divisions for everyone:

JUNIORS: Up to & including 14 years old.
CADETS : 15 years up to & including 17 years old.
ADULTS: 18 years & over
EXECUTIVE MALE: 40 years & over (All belts) (sparring only no patterns)
EXECUTIVE FEMALE: 35 years & over (All belts) (sparring only no patterns)


Please use the NEW entry form Available from your Instructor.

Closing Date:

The closing date for instructors to have their entries and officials lists into the TAGB will be: FRIDAY 8th MARCH 2013, so p[lease make sure your entry is with your instructor in pleanty of time.

All applications received after this date WILL BE RETURNED WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.
This is prior warning that this will be strictly adhered to.

Send your entries in early to avoid disappointment
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