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European 2012 Results


The Results of the European Championships held in Poland 2012 are now on the site.
Please find link to results below.

TAGB 0800 phone number


Just a polite reminder that the freephone number for the TAGB 0800 052 5960 is being disconnected this Saturday the 13th of October. 

This is the number is in the TAGB Licence booklet, but will not be available to use from the 13th October 2012.  Other contact details are available on, but remember, the initial contact for most things will be through a/your TAGB instructor.

2013 Calendar


Calendar of Events 2013

12h Umpires Course Part 1 Willenhall Community Centre
13th Umpires Course Part 2 Willenhall Community Centres
19th Referees Course Parts 1 & 2 Willenhall Community Centre
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2012 British Championships


Details to follow

Jade Jones ex TAGB black belt


Jade Jones ex TAGB black belt with her TAGB instructor Mr Martin Williams after winning gold at the Olympics.

She also trained with Mr Richard Saunders and Mr Ady Jones

Master Oliver, TAGB Chairman said "I would like to congratulate ex TAGB Black belt Jade jones, who trained with Mr Saunders and Mr Williams, on winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Nice to see a front leg side kick being used in WTF Sparring" 

Also, here is a picture of Sarah Carne, TAGB Instructor for Ross On Wye who was a gamesmaker at the Olympics with Jade Jones Olympic Gold medallist. 
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