News Item: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2013 (TAGB) Coaches pass list
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Posted by John Davis
Thursday 11 July 2013 - 18:16:05

The following have been accepted at coaches for the world champs (SAT ONLY)
Phil Western-Riley
Tao Levan
Pusparytha Jaafar
Richard Saunders
Richard Jones
Brian Anderton
Peter James
Mark Spruce
John Gregg
Phil Burley
Jane Johnson
Richard Buttery
Kam Patel
Steve Merricks
Tod Wurr
Angus Budge
Keith Raistrick
Daniel Pearson
Tom Blease
James McGinn
Scott McMillan
Russ Martin
Ben Cherriton
Mark Hayes
P McAnally
L Brown
M Sullivan
G Cook
P Wardle
M Gillhley

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