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Blogs by Dave Oliver

Chairmans [ Show blog ]
16 Apr : 09:23
This week is a busy one for me, I have to chair a British Tae Kwon Do Council meeting on Wednesday in Manchester in the day time, and then at night I have a grading in Newport Pagnal.
Thursday daytime we have a TAGB meeting in Bristol and then we have the black belt grading on Friday, Saturday and Su...
Chairman's blog [ Show blog ]
09 Apr : 09:24
I was speaking to Grandmaster Choi last week and he told me that he was going to Alberto to attend Master Darren Gibson's championships and to condcuct a seminar for his students. Master Gibson is sending 25 competitors to the world championships in July. Grandmaster Choi will also be attending Mast...
Chairmans [ Show blog ]
03 Apr : 10:06
I hope you all had a happy easter and a good break. We have now sent out all the information on the Britannia Hotel in Coventry, where some of the world champs weigh in and height testing will start taking place on Thursday 11th July, plus of course the after championships party - not to be missed!
Chairmans report [ Show blog ]
26 Mar : 08:43
Last Sunday's English championships were a great success despite the terrible weather conditions. Special congratulations to all the instructors and students who came all the way down from Scotland to brave the weather and be first at the venue to lay the carpets. Well Done!
The TAGB committee also w...
Chairmans blog [ Show blog ]
20 Mar : 07:25
I would like to start my blog this week by wishing our TAGB instructor Mr. Adrian Woods a speedy recovery from his sudden illness, Get Well Soon Adrian and best wishes from all of us and on a happier note, I would like to congratulate TAGB instructors Ms Jill Pearce and her son Daniel on their recen...
catch up [ Show blog ]
13 Mar : 14:14
I have been ut of the country for the past 10 days, hence no blogg, but back at it again now.
Its my first pre black belt training session for the South East Area this Saturdain in Dorking, which I am looking forward to.
For the English championships a week on Sunday we have introudced staggered start...
Chairmans blog [ Show blog ]
19 Feb : 14:34
Master Sergiew has just returned from Russia where he ran a very successful officials course in Moscow for the Russian federation who will be attending our world championships in July.
I received the Australia squad's registration this week, they will be bringing a team of 20 from good old Oz to comp...
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