Dear All.

Thank you very much for your support for officials at the upcoming World Championships. 
As you are aware it could not work without your help and support.
We now have enough numbers to make the World Championships run at full tilt on the Saturday and Sunday and therefore do not need anymore officials applications for those 2 days. 
However we will still take applications to officiate on Friday 14th.
If for any reason circumstances change for any of you who have already applied to officiate please let GM Donnelly know asap.
All officials will enter the venue at the rear of the building to receive wristbands for the day and anyone helping more than one day will pick up extra officials T shirts. 
All those who officiate at the World Championships will receive a personal Certificate of Participation.
A packed lunch will be supplied to officials each day.
Many thanks.
GM Donnelly
on behalf of TKDI / TAGB Committee.